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Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C.60 & A.C.T. C.60 Limited Edition

The A.C.T. C.60 is a celebration of the original A.C.T. design, that preceded it fifteen years ago. The design documents a development path that is a logical sequence of steps towards the unobtainable - perfection.
The C.60 is also a celebration of the companies extensive manufacturing capability, and can be seen as a masterclass in modern engineering. The design elements are the end result of years of work and incorporate a broad range of exclusive technologies.
The design represents a significant new chapter of development that is, as you would expect completely unique.
Technische Daten:
Description: 2.5 way, free space, ported enclosure, floor standing loudspeaker
Drive units: 1 x 170mm Wilson Benesch W.B. One Bass unit
1 x 170mm Wilson Benesch W.B. One Bass Mid unit
1 x 25mm (1 in) Soft dome, hand painted silk, ultra linear Wilson Benesch specification tweeter
1 x Sphere Ultrasonic Generator, Gold plated Ceramic dome advanced tweeter
Low frequency loading: Bessel alignment of fourth order reflex. Double chamber, differential tuning
Frequency range: -6dB at 30Hz and 100kHz
-3dB at 33Hz and 80kHz
Frequency response: 35Hz to 80kHz +- 2dB on axis
Sensitivity: 89dB spl at 1metre on axis. 2.83V input
Impedance: 6 Ohms nominal, 4.3 ohms minimum
Crossover: First order bass roll-off
Directly connected mid range drive unit
First order tweeter roll off with user selectable inputs to adjust sensitivity by 0, 1 or 2 dB
Crossover frequencies: 500Hz / 20kHz
Internal wiring: Multi stranded military specification silver plated copper with teflon jacket. Platted by hand into exact lengths for each drive unit before being soldered point to point
Input connections: Each drive unit has its own Rhodium plated terminals. In the case of the tweeter additional terminals are provided to enable precise output levels
Power handling: 240W peak unclipped programme
Maximum spl: 112dB at 1 metre
Dimensions: H 1090 x W 230 x D 370mm
Internal volume: 43.7 litre
Weight: 56Kg
Standard Finishes: Regal SIlver, Black
Wood Satin Finishes: Oak, Cherry, Maple
Wood Gloss Finishes: Red Tulip, Birds Eye Maple, Red Birds Eye, Walnut, Ebonised Walnut, Burr Walnut
Limited Edition Finishes: Silver Grey, Black Carbon
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