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Wilson Benesch Geometry Vector

A floor standing design of impeccable credentials.

The Vector is a 2.5 way, highly optimised, advanced materials technology, floorstanding loudspeaker. Thanks to the cleverly engineered A.C.T. monocoque / poly alloy shell structure, complex bracing is no longer accepted as a design compromise. The shell design delivers huge amounts of air volume, despite its small external surface area which is another key factor in the success of the design. Assembled by hand, each high performance material, is bonded to another high performance element, resulting in extremely high levels of mutual self damping. The resulting complex hybrid construction is virtually inaudible, exhibiting one of the lowest signal to noise ratios of any loudspeaker in the world, yet is capable of delivering all the dynamic energy from the ultra powerful drive units.

The degree of control that can only be found when every single component is manufactured in house, legislates that matching of both cabinet and drive unit is axiomatic. Manufactured on high precision C.N.C tooling and advanced carbon fiber moulding techniques, each hand built system, is lovingly assembled by highly trained experienced technicians, to the highest standards. The Tactic II mid range drive unit is capable of remarkable transients that are never hindered by crossover parts. The control afforded by this design is limited only by the amplifier. Impedance characteristics are benign, so low power amplifiers can be driven with applomb. A quintessential design feature of all Wilson Benesch designs has been the 2.5 way crossover. This ensures seamless integration from the lowest bass to the highest mid range, with the absolute minimum of phase distortion. Designed to function in complete harmony the Semisphere Tweeter then takes over. This latest innovation from Wilson Benesch, is the result of many years of considered development that has been driven by a comprehensive critical evaluation of the best technologies in the world, including the remarkable Sphere from Murata. The design incorporates advanced materials technologies that deliver extended high frequencies but without ever sounding un-controlled or sibilant.

Free of the noise commonly found in traditional loudspeaker systems, the Vector delivers a performance that is well beyond its dimensions, and completely free of distortions, that will always exist in conventional technologies. Immersed in music without distortions, the listener will be drawn into the event like never before. Only the artist who composed it, and the musicians that interpreted it will be present at the event.

Technische Daten:
Technology Advance Composite Technology (A.C.T.) cabinet construction Monocoque
Poly alloy hybrid design
Tactic II advanced dynamic drive unit technology
Semisphere Tweeter
Full metal bracing and bae arrangement
Description 2.5 way, true linear phase, free space, ported enclosure, floorstanding monitor
Drive units 1 x 170mm Wilson Benesch Tactic II bass unit
1 x 170mm Wilson Benesch Tactic II bass unit / mid range unit
1 x 25mm Wilson Benesch Semisphere Tweeter
Low frequency Bessel alignment of fourth order reflex. Double chamber differential tuning
Frequency Range -6dB at 30Hz and 30kHz
-3dB at 35Hz and 25kHz
Frequency Response 35Hz to 24kHz +- 2dB on axis
Sensitivity 89dB spl at 1metre on axis. 2.83V input
Impedance 6 Ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum
Crossover Frequencies 5kHz
Crossover First order bass roll-off
No crossover, directly coupled to the amplifier
Selected polypropylene capacitors and air cored inductors throughout
Internal wiring Hand made loom comprised of military specification multi stranded, silver plated copper, PTFE jacket, soldered connections throughout
Input connections Bi-wireable, in-house machined gold plated copper alloy terminals
Power handling 200W peak unclipped program
Maximum spl 118dB at 1 metre
Dimensions Height 910mm
Width 230mm
Depth 370mm
Internal volume 44 litres
Net weight 31kg
Finishes Available Standard: Black, Regal Silver, Titanium
Wood Satin: Natural Cherry, Maple, Oak
Wood Gloss: Birds Eye Maple, Burr Walnut, Red Tulip, Red Birds Eye, Walnut, Ebonised Walnut, White Gloss
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