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Magnepan MG 12/QR

The MG 12 is the choice of audiophiles getting started in "high end" audio, with good clean bass and a top end that has the resolving power to show off the differences between different grades of electronics.

The MG 12 is a perfect example of how yesterday's high-end concepts have evolved to benefit mid-priced products. Ribbon tweeters from the past would have cost more than the entire MG 12. The MG 12 is a 2-way system with 369 square inches of thin-film planar bass and a 38-inch long, line source quasi ribbon tweeter.

Large wave launch, low surface loudness, etc. are unique to planar speakers. The physics require the size and shape of a Magneplanar. Like other Magneplanars, MG12 offers superior sound because of its size and shape. Thousands of audiophiles have fallen in love with the sound of planar speakers.

The MG 12 offers quasi-ribbon technology and planar bass resolution at a price that some audiophiles spend for speaker cables. Musical value is what Magneplanars are all about. Fall in love today!

Technische Daten:
Description: 2-Way/Quasi Ribbon Planar-Magnetic
Freq. Resp.: 45-22kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity: 86dB/500Hz /2.83V
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Dimensions: 17 x 51 x 1.5 inch
Weight: 12 kg
Colors: Available in cherry, natural or black hardwood trim, off-white, black or grey fabric
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